Service is in our blood. We bring the kind of dedication and commitment you would expect to all our clients. Our veteran leadership also has deep roots in local and state government programs, so we understand the unique issues faced by agency and municipal program managers. The vast majority of our work is designed to have an impact at the local level.

Nearly all Federal and State funding now comes with SDVOB requirements. Whether it’s a direct agency contract or a subcontract to prime vendors, SDVOB utilization is now a fixed part of contracting landscape. Whether it’s helping to meet Federal requirements or State/Municipal SDVOB utilization mandates, we are a trusted source you can turn to for help.

We may be small, but you’ll find we have a big impact. Find out how GroundPoint Engineering can become your next SDVOB partner.

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It’s the Data, Stupid…

We’ve always been passionate about mapping, or more accurately “spatial data”. For us it’s always been about more than just making good maps, it’s about modeling the world with data. The maps are just an incidental byproduct, a snapshot in time of an ever evolving and changing thing. Our job is to help capture that “thing” and help you make something meaningful out of it.

Our Services

Public infrastructure is old. The surrounding landscape has changed over the past generation, sometimes dramatically. Across America, storm water pipes and road culverts designed to move rainwater are under siege, and often inadequate to the task. Planners and Engineers need better tools to assess the current state of drainage and the infrastructure supporting it in order make informed decisions about resource allocation designed to improve community resiliency and prepare for the future.


From LiDAR and Photogrammetry to UAVs, we help you extract data like High-Resolution Land Cover, Wetlands, Hydrography, Impervious Surfaces and Urban Tree Canopy. Our job is not only to help you get the right data FOR the job, but create meaningful derivative data that helps you DO your job. And, oh yeah, we make contours too.


Whether it’s mapping upstream drainage areas, downstream flow directions, or predicting peak runoff volumes, our high-resolution mapping and analytical services can give you more insight than you ever thought possible. Our experience ranges from protecting public water supplies to evaluating critical stormwater infrastructure.  When it comes to water resources, sometimes the simple questions…aren’t so simple.


Data quality challenges can sink a drone program fast. We know what it takes to create high quality mapping data and can help you take your drone program to the next level. Whether its planning, processing or delivering, we can help improve your drone operations where it matters most: in the delivery.

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