Whether it’s urban storm water infrastructure or rural road side ditches and culverts, we can bring together the data necessary to improve your ability map drainage at scales you never thought possible.

Top 10 Tips for Drainage Mapping

Using high-resolution topo data for drainage analysis presents unique challenges. Our experience shows that automated elevation models (DEMs) simply don’t work for drainage purposes. Grab our “Top Ten Tips” to help you avoid the pitfalls and set your mapping project up for success!

What We Do

It’s the Data, Stupid…

We’ve always been passionate about mapping. As self-declared raster evangelists, for us it’s always been about more than just making good looking maps: it’s about modeling the world with data. What is represented on the screen or printed on paper is just an incidental byproduct, a snapshot in time of an ever-evolving and living thing.

Our Services

Public infrastructure is old. The surrounding landscape has changed over the past generation, sometimes dramatically. Across America, storm water pipes and road culverts designed to move rainwater are under siege, and often inadequate to the task. Planners and Engineers need better tools to assess the current state of drainage and the infrastructure supporting it in order make informed decisions about resource allocation designed to improve community resiliency and prepare for the future.

High-Resolution Topographic Mapping

We use a hybrid approach to assembling the best data available from public domain LiDAR to Photogrammetry and UAVs. Our goal is for you to have the most current, highest resolution data possible to fit your budget and project needs.

Drainage Mapping and Runoff Modeling

Whether it’s mapping upstream drainage areas, downstream flow directions, or predicting peak runoff volumes, out high-resolution drainage mapping services can give you more info than you ever thought possible.

Green Infrastructure and NRI

 High-resolution Land Cover, Wetlands, Hydrography, Impervious Surfaces and Urban Tree Canopy.

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