As a disabled veteran-owned company, GroundPoint has established itself as an industry leader in using precision, high-accuracy 3D data for engineering and surveying applications.
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Our Services

At GroundPoint Engineering, we are committed to using state-of-the-art technologies to help transform how we approach construction projects. The old way of doing things just isn’t good enough anymore. Our GroundPoint approach is designed to be rigorous and to ensure the highest quality output so that it is actionable for you and your team. Whether its infrastructure inspections or supporting community resiliency planning, we have the know-how to capture the data that matters.


With innovative imaging technology, we generate survey-grade accuracies on all our 3D capture projects. We know what it takes to create high-quality data for detailed site inspections or engineering surveying applications. With expertise in LiDAR, photogrammetry, UAVs, and hand-held devices, our job is to create meaningful datasets. Explore one of our sample projects to see how the data we capture can help support your project goals.


Whether it’s mapping the upstream drainage area of hundreds of culverts or modeling downstream peak runoff volumes, our high-resolution mapping services can provide more insight than you ever thought possible. What we do helps protect public water supplies and prioritize critical infrastructure as part of resiliency planning to reduce flooding and improve water quality.

Drone Institute

The Drone Institute for Operational Excellence sets drone teams up for success. We offer in-person flying opportunities for real-world scenarios led by a veteran team of experienced pilots and instructors with background in US Army Special Operations and Marine Corps Aviation. What makes us different is our reliance on third party performance standards and our objective approach to mission-specific outcomes. We go beyond FAA compliance. We go beyond software and hardware specifications. Our very mission is to help you and your teams achieve…Operational Excellence.

Veteran Owned. Client Tested. Results Driven.

Service is in our blood. We bring the kind of dedication and commitment you would expect to all of our clients. Our veteran leadership also has deep roots in local and state government programs, so we understand the unique issues faced by agency and municipal program managers. The vast majority of our work is designed to have an impact at the local level.

We may be small, but you’ll find we have a big impact. Find out how GroundPoint Engineering can become your next SDVOB partner.