The good news?                Drones collect a lot of data quickly.

The bad news?                  Drones collect a lot of data quickly.

With all that data come challenges.

Just how good is it? The most important challenge is being able to make authoritative statements about the accuracy of your data. Regardless of your platform, camera, controller, and GPS configuration, its all about the data.

Is it good enough for 40 scale planimetrics?

Is it good enough for 6” contours?

As subject matter experts in geospatial data accuracy, and having looked at a LOT of drone data, we can not only help you define accuracy for your drone operations but help you manage your overall error budget to achieve the highest possible accuracy in the most efficient manner possible.

Data Delivery?

How are you delivering your data? Dropbox, One Drive, FTP?

Do your deliveries include GIS Shapefile, DWG, Geodatabase, IMG, JPEG and PDF formats?

Are you still handing your clients a “pile of files”?              If so… you can do better.

The age of handing over a pile of sh#t to your customer is OVER (the fact that it’s good sh#t doesn’t mean its not still sh#t).

No more hoping for the best that your client will be able to download, open and view everything you sent. With options using online portals for viewing, disseminating and downloading data, we can help you implement best practice solutions for a browser-based approach to delivering your data. Now everyone in your client’s organization can view your products, from ortho images and 3D renderings to AutoCAD files and contours.

And yes, the CAD/GIS tech will still be able download anything they need (yawn…).


With strategic partnerships in drone operations and data acquisition, we can also help you get your projects scoped, flown and delivered cost effectively without sacrificing quality.

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