Our core competencies are grounded in construction and enhanced by a deep understanding of geodesy, engineering surveying, and data accuracy. Through our years of experience, we have learned two basic truths:

1- Automation works great. Until it doesn’t.

2- There is no easy button.

Producing high-quality data takes a combination of diligent planning and hard work. It’s NOT AUTOMATIC. We are successful because we’ve struggled and failed so you don’t have to. We are also committed to the idea that the old ways of doing things are just not good enough anymore. We CAN do better.

Modern technologies and 3D imaging platforms generate extremely large amounts of data. Our adoption of new ArcGIS/AutoCAD integration technologies makes interoperability easier than ever. Data management coupled with simple delivery and visualization options are key to making all this technology useful for you and your teams.

Have a look at some of our sample projects and see if what we do might help support your project goals.