The Best Data Available

The good news?               There is a TON of data out there.

The bad news?                 There is a TON of data out there.

More good news?           Most of the data is FREE.

But with so much data from many difference sources, each using different standards and methods, some you need to download and some you can use as web services or from public mapping portals, it can be daunting to know what’s what, much less what’s where and how to bring it all under one roof.

We make it easy.

LiDAR, Ortho Imagery and GIS

We use a hybrid approach to assemble the best data available from public domain LiDAR and Orthoimagery to UAVs. Our goal is for you to have the most current, highest resolution data possible to fit your budget and project needs.

But our main value is in deriving enhanced geospatial data from all that sh#t that is out there. What does it mean? How can we use it? Just having more, doesn’t mean it’s adding value. Our job is to help you understand what can be done with all that data, and give it back to you in simple, easy to understand ways that are actually…you know…helpful.

And oh yeah, we make contours too…

Wetlands and Natural Resources

We use state-of-the-art mapping techniques combining imagery and LiDAR to help agencies inventory and manage green infrastructure assets in support of regulatory requirements and furthering the goal of improving the communities in which we live. High resolution land cover mapping is the first step in being able to measure landscape changes over time.

It’s no secret that wetlands play a significant role in filtering runoff water otherwise laden with agricultural, industrial or urban wastes and help hold back flooding from storms.

Urban tree canopy programs across the nation are helping to reduce peak flows, increase infiltration and improve neighborhood quality of life.

Measuring, tracking and managing impervious surfaces is becoming an increasing priority for municipalities facing the myriad of challenges associated with urban runoff and compliance with MS4 regulatory programs.



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