Top 10 Tips for Drainage Mapping

Using high-resolution topo data for drainage analysis presents unique challenges…

Video: Tools for Culvert and Catch Basin Assessments

View a high-resolution presentation on how LiDAR data is being integrated…

Case Study: Borough of Whitehall Storm Water Catchment Analysis

The Borough of Whitehall has been experiencing an increase in localized flooding…

Video: Mapping Urban Drainage with Airborne LIDAR Using LP360

Learn More…

Video: UAV Data Accuracy

Mapping and Surveying requires Accuracy. But how do we know….

Case Study: Modeling Peak Flows at Culverts

How can we prioritize “at risk” culverts across an entire watershed? By comparing anticipated peak flows against known culvert capacity, Ulster County is beginning to better….

Case Study: Evaluating Storm Water Infrastructure

Read about how we are using LIDAR data to help the Town of Greece better evaluate their existing storm water infrastructure….

Video: Making LiDAR Work for Improving Drainage

Watch our short video demonstrating how we develop the actual data used in the Case Studies…

How Well Do You Know Your Elevation Model?

Included are 5 Tips on how to better understand your elevation model…

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