The Drone Institute for Operational Excellence was founded upon the premise of helping drone teams and organizations go beyond their initial training. Beyond FAA compliance. Beyond relying on the manufacturer’s specifications and software marketing materials to make statements about performance and quality.  


We provide opportunities for teams to test flight operations against external standards for mission specific performance.  


Surveying and mapping? Engineering inspection? Thermal detection? We rely on ASPRS and NIST standards alongside engineering inspection reference manuals to create testing ranges that provide objective, quantitative assessments on drone team performance. 


Do you know how accurate your drone data is? Has it ever been formally tested against reference data and checked against third party standards? If you are like most skilled drone pilots that have been doing this for a while, the answer is still likely.  


Looking to validate a third-party provider? A new team member? 

Looking to sharpen the skills of your own crew? 

Looking to compare drone platforms or flight scenarios? 

Have you ever had a third-party audit of your flight operations and SOPs? 


Our ranges offer field-based opportunities to validate flight ops, test different operational scenarios, train new pilots, and sharpen existing skills. Become part of a growing community of drone programs willing to put their skills to the test. 


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