Simple Questions

What is upstream from here?

What is downstream from here?

These simple questions, it turns out, can be hard to get right. Understanding the details of different elevation models, scale requirements, and processing options is what we do.

What about:

                How much water will result from a 100-year storm?   a 20-year storm?   a 5-year storm?

These require a more complex understanding of hydrology and hydraulics (H&H), high resolution data, and the spatial distribution of variables like rainfall, land cover, and slope.  And when it comes to the predictive analysis around nuisance flooding and drainage infrastructure, while it’s not an exact science, it’s still science.

And if it was easy, we wouldn’t be here.

Complex Experience

We like complex challenges. Whether it’s source water protection for drinking water supplies, H&H modeling for small bridges and dams, or conducting peak flow analysis supporting catch basin assessments and storm drain loading, we know a lot about how water moves across the landscape. Having participated on drainage mapping projects from LA to New York, we also have experience in a lot of different environments.

Our key staff helped to develop and run the New York State floodplain mapping and National Hydrography Dataset maintenance programs, and we continue to work on both national scale and local hydrography mapping problems. 



New York Water Resources Institute at Cornell University

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